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Welcome to the new!

Our Communications and IT teams have worked hard to develop a site that’s simple to navigate, easy to understand, and flexible to use on mobile devices.

The biggest change you’ll probably notice is the fact that we’ve consolidated our websites. Instead of having 6 or 7 websites with different addresses, we’ve gathered all of our church information under one roof—

By default, the site will show you information for all of our campuses, but it gives you the ability to easily filter info as well. You can set a personalized filter for the entire website by clicking the filter in the top right corner of your window (Figure 1a), or filter information by page when that option is available (Figure 1.b).

Another key piece of the reorganization is the “Movements” menu item (Figure 1.c). In keeping with the MOVE Discipleship Process, we’ve organized many of our ministries under the heading of Movements. This is to reinforce the idea that each of us should be taking regular steps to move toward a Christ-centered life.

This update has been a massive undertaking, and we’re still learning a lot about how to make this experience as straightforward and helpful as we can. Our objectives have been to help newcomers make an informed decision about Grace Fellowship, and to help people who call Grace home take their next step.

As you use the new website, feel free to give us your feedback. We’re all ears!

Also, be sure to check back soon for more new pages and features.

Figure 1.a

Figure 1.b

Figure 1.c

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