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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

I know a girl who makes friends wherever she goes. She has no trouble talking to people at weddings, gas stations, jury duty, wherever. She’s just one of those people who’s easy and fun to talk to. She makes making friends look easy. But of course, not everyone is like that.

When I first came to Grace Fellowship, I kept to myself for a while. I was checking things out, and I didn’t want to feel any pressure or make any friendships that I might have to abandon if I didn’t stay. After a few months, I decided this would be the place for me. I signed up to help with one of the ministries here, and on my first night, I met more people than I could keep track of.

A few weeks later, I went forward at the end of the service and asked for someone to pray with me about some issues that were weighing me down. The woman who prayed with me introduced me to her husband and a handful of people after we finished praying. From that small group of friends, I got to know dozens and dozens of people at church. We’ve been friends now for almost 8 years, and God has blessed me and changed my life because of those friendships.

Finding and keeping good friends can be difficult to do sometimes—especially after you get into the career world. We usually make friends based on what we have in common. I’m thrilled that some of my closest friends have been made at church, and that we have God in common. Our faith has been an amazing foundation for friendship. Not only does it help our friendships stand the test of time, it makes them better in the process. I don’t know where I’d be today without the friends I’ve made at church.

-Jeff from Schenectady

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” – Psalm 133:1

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