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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

Christians are like Christmas cookies. You don’t have to like every last one to be glad they’re in your life. Let’s take gingerbread men for example. They all pretty much look the same and I don’t prefer the taste. I did eat one a few years back—much to the dismay of my kids. Using my limited ventriloquy skills I made a muffled plea, “No, don’t eat me. Not my head, nooooo,” They weren’t amused (but it didn’t prevent them from gobbling the cookies later). As for me, I haven’t given up eating Christmas cookies altogether just because of a bad experience with a certain group of cookies. Why?  You know why—because there are so many different kinds, and in that diversity I have found many I love, just like Christians.

So what DOES a Christian look like? The gingerbread stereotype says: close-minded, prudish, and culturally irrelevant. Last week however, I attended a Christmas party hosted by a Christian motorcycle club with nearly 300 men and women who are passionate about respect, relationships, and biking.  There was live classic rock, a presentation of club colors, and even a wedding! It was fun and unique. In October I attended a breakfast meeting in an elegant hotel setting with close to 200 prominent local leaders in business, finance, government, and industry—all passionate about living out their faith in the workplace. I’m guessing I may be the only person who attended both of these events, and I can confidently say neither group fits the “Christian cookie-cutter.”

I’m married with 4 young children and we are on the newer to Grace Fellowship side, yet we have each developed our own unique circle of friends. Whatever your church experience, open your mind to the possibilities. Our lives are enriched by the relationships we’ve made at church, and yours would be too. Because we ALL have this in common—a desire to know Jesus more. Best of all, you can be different and we won’t bite your head off.

– Dom from Watervliet


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