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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

I hate being afraid. Scary movies are the worst, and haunted houses are my own personal nightmare. Even though it’s just a guy with makeup on, or a bowl of spaghetti with red food coloring, in my mind it’s a zombie with a bowl of brains that I just can’t shake. Somehow in those instances, my feelings trump my logic.

But, there are lots of things we don’t get quite right in life. Growing up in a conservative family with pretty strict rules, I was pretty idealistic about what being a ‘Christian’ really looked like. There was a lot of hand holding and ‘kum ba yah’ involved. There was no sin allowed, and it was very holy. Being a part of Grace opened my mind to all that God, and Christians, had to offer.

Jesus was a guy that was counter-cultural. He hung out with the bad guys – the liars, the cheaters, and thieves. He spoke with prostitutes. He healed the untouchables. The people were looking for a messiah with great power and might, and instead they got a carpenter who turned water into wine and calmed the stormy seas. He corrected the people who were so wrapped up in religious rules that they forgot to love. His whole life defied expectations; yet he was the Son of God and he changed the course of history forever.

When we break down the walls of our preconceived ideas, we are open to the acceptance, love, and community that awaits us. Maybe you have a narrow view of church. Maybe your ideas about Christianity are pretty specific. Maybe you have been judged before and you’re afraid of not being welcomed.

Sometimes we have roadblocks in our minds that keep us from seeing what is really there. When I am flipping through channels and stumble across a scary movie, I know that the actors went home at the end of the day. What I see isn’t real. Grace is full of all kinds of people. People who have recovered, recommitted, struggled, had successes, trials, and everything in between. Grace is full of people who are very real, and it shouldn’t be scary at all.

– Kori from Waterford


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