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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

No matter what you think about Jesus, one thing is for certain – Jesus left a pretty big footprint here on earth! Jesus’ earthly arrival changed how we measure time, his book continues to be a best seller, he is at the center of two of the world’s most popular holidays, and he still has billions of global followers today (can you imagine if Jesus was on social media??).

But Jesus’ impact was never meant to be a solo mission, in fact, it never was. Before Jesus left earth, he told his followers that they would do “greater things” (John 14:12) than he did on earth. Undoubtedly, surpassing Jesus’ vast impact during his brief 33 years here on earth would be quite the challenge – but Jesus envisioned his followers around the world making an immeasurable impact by offering an immeasurable hope, power and value to the world. The church exists to bring hope, value and power to the world!

No matter your hesitations or past experiences at church, we pray Grace Fellowship Church is a place where you can experience the hope, value and power of Jesus: hope that extends beyond your present circumstances, value that is rooted in God’s unconditional love for you and power that comes from God’s daily presence in your life. The church is created to be a group of people where these traits exist because the church is God’s plan for saving the world. Like countless others, we hope God will use Grace Fellowship to help bring life and refreshment to your soul! See you soon!


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