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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

Have you ever played that triangle peg game where you have those golf tees and you have to jump over one with another to take it off the board? The game says if you can eliminate all but 1 tee, you’re a genius. If you leave 2, you’re pretty smart. Apparently there’s a big drop off in I.Q. after 2, because when you leave 3, you’re “just plain dumb.” It gets ugly when you leave 4 or more. The word printed on the game for that unhappy player is “Eg-no-ra-moose.” Once my friend (not me, honest) left 7 pegs. It was hilarious…and a little bit tragic.

When I’m playing that game and I can tell it’s not going well, there’s something in me that wants to put all the pegs back in and start over. Whether we’re talking a triangle peg game, or life, there’s hope in a fresh start. How great would it be to put the pegs back in place and reset a work project, a financial transaction, or even a relationship?

January is the perfect month to hit the “reset” button in life. The year is new. We think of what we want to change for our future. We make resolutions, goals, and plans. Every year, “lose weight” and “pay down debt” are really popular items on those lists for most Americans, but what about our spiritual lives? If you feel like a spiritual loser—like you need a reset button for your relationship with God—you’re not alone. Grace Fellowship is full of people who’ve felt like that at one time or another. The great part about God is that He wants to reset that board as much as we do. Even more, actually. When we allow Him to move the pegs in our life, He takes us from “Eg-no-ra-moose” to genius with the power of truth and the gentleness of love. This is how St. Paul puts it:

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT)

Reset, baby!

If you need a spiritual reset, or even a life reset, don’t waste another move trying to figure out this game of life on your own. Let God move the pegs of your life. Come back to church this weekend, and talk to someone who can help you take that step.

And in the meantime, watch this vid so the next time you play that peg game, you don’t leave 7 like m…my friend.


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