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I’m seldom ever sick and have always been physically active. A short time ago I had a life-threatening event and was in the hospital for ten days and out of work for over two months. While I was in the hospital, the best nurses were easy to identify—they had compassion and yet were truthful. They helped me with life’s most basic necessities and yet allowed me to maintain my dignity. They pushed me to do what they knew would help me heal quickly and permanently.

For many of us, those three little words that are the hardest to say are actually “I need help.” We have so many reasons. “I don’t want to be a burden,” “I’m to busy,” or (when things really go off the rails) “I thought I could handle it myself.” Pride, American self-reliance, and a culture that has diminished the value of personal relationships all play a part, but many of us also misunderstand what Christian help looks like. Often the help we need would come in the context of good spiritual friendships if we had any.

Have you ever pondered that Jesus spent the majority of his ministry hanging out with 12 men roaming the countryside. Now that I’ve pointed it out, does that seem a little weird to you? For most of us, social spaces of 5-15 people end in High School, and/or college. Yet as adults, we continue to need these relationship for our emotional and spiritual health.

At Grace, we have several specific weekly healing and support groups. There are groups for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, or those who have been subject to domestic violence. We have groups for those who have a homosexual family member, or for those who may be dealing with lust and its devastating consequences.

Our group leaders aren’t burdened by your need. In fact, it’s just the opposite. They’ve been equipped by the Lord with the gifts of helps, hospitality, and mercy to name a few, and would love the opportunity to use their gifts in the way they have been called.

We also have groups on various life-promoting themes, like how to be a better husband and dad, honoring God with our bodies (health), marriages that glorify God, remaining holy while single, and on and on. Making group life an integral part of your spiritual growth and emotional well-being is not optional, it’s vital!

Apart from the friends you’ll make, our small groups at Grace Fellowship are a lot like those nurses I mentioned earlier. You’re going to get compassion and truth and you can get help in a way that doesn’t infringe on your dignity. Check out small groups at Grace, and get the help you need.

-Dom from Watervliet

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