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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

Wear your Sunday best. Put on your “church smile.” Make sure no one takes your seat. Sing the same old songs. Try to stay awake during the message. That Sunday routine is probably a familiar one for many people. No wonder so many people have wandered away from church. Who would voluntarily put themselves through that week after week? People use words like “lifeless” and “boring” to describe church scenarios that they’ve left. Shouldn’t the body of Christ be described in opposite terms? “Alive! Joyful!”

At Grace Fellowship, each of our weekend services are prayerfully and diligently planned to bring glory to God and inspire the praise and celebration of His people. God made a way for us to be reconciled to Him. He sent His Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth. He blesses us with every spiritual blessing. He holds us during storms of life, gives us grace for every trial, and feeds us with living bread. He brings brothers and sisters to our side to support us when we falter. He answers when we call. He is found when we seek. He’s worthy of all glory, honor, and praise—worthy of celebration every day, and especially when we come together in His name.

Every time we gather, we recall these attributes of our great God, and we celebrate Him together. The energy is up. The music is joyful. The sermon challenges and encourages us. The atmosphere is authentic—no need for masks. We actually look forward to coming to weekend worship services. So many people have come to Grace and left saying, “I’ve never been to a church service like that before.” That’s great, but it’s not our goal to be different. It’s our goal to celebrate our great God together. If you’ve never been to a church service like that, you need to change that right away. Come out this weekend, worship with us, and see what you’ve been missing.

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