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16 Reasons to come
in 2016

I believe that with work hard, just about any of us can get what we want. In our culture, getting what we want is how most of us measure success. After all, we’ve been reared on the Declaration of Independence. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are our unalienable rights.  But is it success when we work hard and accomplish our goals, only to find that we’re not truly  happy? After years of pursuing my dreams and achieving my goals, I realized that along the way I had missed something. I had set my sights on the things of this world that made me happy—money, influence, position, and networking.  The problem was that these were the things I wanted, not what God wanted for me.  Consumed by the rat race, I was missing the most important moments in life. I was missing my children growing up. I was missing dating my wife, who was becoming more of a business partner than a soul mate.  My priorities were askew, I was making work my god.

The Declaration also proclaims that these unalienable rights were given to us by our Creator.  If we believe this, we may want to consider what God intended when he gave us these rights.  The self-focused pursuit of wealth, power, fame or any personal gain, at best produces short term happiness, but most often produces discontentment and the pursuit of more self indulgence. There is only one way to find lasting joy—to know God. Knowing God and aligning with what He wants for our lives will change what we want. When we pursue the things that God wants for us, we find true, long-lasting contentment. I know this is true; I re-prioritized my life 10 years ago to align my goals with what I think God wants for me and I’ve never been happier. We all need God if we are to make the most of the one life we have on earth.

– Frank from Clifton Park

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