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You have influence. Join 400,000 of your peers to learn how to maximize it with

Two Days of World-Class Leadership Training

More than an event, the Summit is a catalyst for change and a resource to be leveraged for organizational and community impact. It is the kick-off to a year-round leadership development process to help Christians grow their leadership.

WORLD-CLASS, ACCESSIBLE & AFFORDABLE – Each faculty member is carefully selected to deliver intellectually rigorous content in an environment that fosters vigorous thinking and dialogue. Hosted in more than 1,650 cities worldwide, the Summit is both accessible and affordable, facilitating large team participation and transformation.

EVERYONE’S LEADERSHIP MATTERS -Everyone has influence and the ability to positively impact their community and world. No matter where your influence is—in the family, school, work or church—when you commit to grow your leadership, everyone around you wins!

UNAPOLOGETICALLY CHRIST-CENTERED In the beginning, the Summit was exclusively church focused. Today, the Summit attracts Christians from every walk of life. Regardless of where a person’s influence is, a culture of Christ-centered leadership can change our homes, organizations, communities and world!

LOCAL OWNERSHIP, GLOBAL REACH Host Sites—including churches and many other kinds of organizations—are uniquely equipped to impact the communities they serve. Whether in a suburb of Los Angeles or a village in Vietnam, local attendees are challenged to improve their leadership and adapt the learnings within their cultural context.


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