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Welcome to the Grace Fellowship Leadership Development Program. We believe God has a leadership role and design for everyone, from the home to the executive suite and everywhere in between. That’s why we designed this program for seasoned and aspiring leaders alike. This program is unique, because it looks at leadership opportunities and challenges from a faith based perspective.
Our leadership development program is a multi-level approach to building and equipping leaders for the furthering of God’s Kingdom. Level one is entitled Christian Leadership. Through four distinct four week courses spread out from September – March, we will unpack foundational leadership philosophies and practical issues and application. The courses include:
  • Introduction to Leadership Development
  • The Grace Fellowship Way
  • Foundations of Christian Leadership
  • Christ Centered Theology

Come join us on this exciting journey designed to take your leadership to the next level and discover all that God has for you as a leader. Click here to register. For more information 



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