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Cindy Hankle

How did you feel when you first understood the assignment?

I thought about how grateful i am so grateful that I was led to this church. I did not find an orange envelope – my sister in law did. I remember thinking how amazing this is. I knew I could not give away $100 but was planning on at least $20 of my own money. When service was over my sister in law handed me the orange envelope so that I could use it for an act of compassion, she said she would use her own money. Now that $100 had become $200.

How did you decide how/where you’d use the money?

I prayed and prayed for guidance that I would use this money for what it was intended. That I would let someone know God loves them , perhaps make someone smile and maybe lessen their burden just a bit. I prayed that I would “just know” what I was supposed to do and when.

How did you use the money?

I gave a woman with a small child $20 toward her grocery bill and an elderly woman the same. I told them the money was from our church and what my assignment was. Their reactions actually made me realize I had made this decision on my own – I think because I was anxious to complete my assignment and realized that I had not been given the “sign” from above yet. Although I felt good that I helped these ladies I knew I was supposed to wait for a sign. The next day at work , one of my coworkers told me that his Dad has stage 4 cancer and they were all struggling financially as well as emotionally. He said he had moved his Mom and Dad in with him and his wife to try to ease some of their burden. At that moment I felt like someone was tapping me on the shoulder and said “this is what the money is for”. I went and got $100 and gave it to him. I told him where the money came from and I said I would pray for him and his family. I think he thanked me at least 100 times he was so grateful and let me tell you I don’t think he was a grateful as I was to have been able to do this. He actually brought his wife to the office later in the day to thank me. Then the next day my son and I went to the barber shop before his football game. There was a line and we were not sure we would be able to wait. The gentlemen in front of us realized this and let my son get his hair cut first. When I left I gave the Barber $10 toward that gentleman’s hair cut. So my $100 turned into $150 and if you add my sister in laws $100 was now $250. I then found out that my brother and 2 of their friends contributed money, and that $100 became $550. AMEN.