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Colette Scott

How did you feel when you first understood the assignment?

I felt like God sent me to the right church and I was sitting exactly where I needed to be. I moved from the Philadelphia area to the Albany area 2 weeks ago to start a new job. I lived in NJ and attended Fellowship Alliance Chapel (FAC). Leaving my home church was very difficult. I came to know many wonderful people at FAC, volunteered in several capacities, participated in several small groups and women’s activities, but most importantly grew, spiritually and continued my journey in knowing Christ as my Lord and Savior. A friend of a friend suggested I attend Grace Fellowship Church in Latham. So I did last week and received an envelope with $100 bill in it to use to help others. What a sermon!! I enjoyed it very much and was blown away with the envelope give-away! What made it even more special was the gentleman in front of me handed me another $100 bill and said he would match it (sadly I did not catch his name). Also, due to my move I had $100 bill in my wallet left over from paying my movers which I also added to the envelope. What are the chances of me attending on that day, sitting in that seat, getting an envelope, receiving a matched donation within a minute and having $100 bill in my own wallet?? It was truly a God guided day!

How did you decide how/where you’d use the money?

I immediately thought of preparing a meal/dinner for families at Ronald McDonald house. The gentleman in front of me thought that was a terrific idea and mentioned he skates in a tournament annually to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. I have experience volunteering to prepare meals at the Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia and my former company was a huge supporter of RMH every Christmas providing toys for the children. Albany Ronald McDonald House provides a haven of comfort, love, hope and support – free of charge – for critically ill children and their families. They want to enable family-centered care by keeping children close to their families during a time of hardship. The Family Room and Family Suite offer families respite and support within the Children’s Hospital at Albany Medical Center, close to their ill child and his/her caregivers.

How did you use the money?

By volunteering to provide dinner for 45-50 people we will help ensure all families staying at the House will have a meal to come home to after a long day at the hospital. Albany Ronald McDonald House has a need the week of Christmas to prepare dinners. I have volunteered a group of family and friends to shop for, cook, serve and clean up dinner on December 27. With extra funds collected we will donate toys to the children and their siblings.