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Kristine Rego

How did you feel when you first understood the assignment?

Excited to ask the Lord to lead me to the person He wanted me to bless with His love through this gift.

How did you decide how/where you’d use the money?

I had been praying all week for the Holy Spirit to guide and direct me in this and while I had some ideas, nothing felt quite right. A text came through from a friend telling me about a mutual friend we had, this friend is on staff at one of our Grace in Action partners (we’ll call her Jessica). My friend told me that this woman’s husband was going to be deployed in late October and he would be gone for about a year. In that moment, I knew–this was my assignment. I’ve known Jessica for four years through our partnership with Grace in Action. Over the years, God has made it so clear that while supporting the work of this organization is apart of it, He has called me to share Him and His love with Jessica. My friend and I have prayed so many times over these four years for opportunities to share Christ with her and He has answered those prayers. This is another opportunity, an amazing one.

How did you use the money?

After talking with my friend, she agreed to match the $100. We are going to give it to Jessica in December for her to use how she’d like to/any needs she has for her kids for Christmas. We know that Christmas is going to be tough this year with their husband/dad being deployed so our prayer is that this will brighten that time and allow them to make some special memories in the midst of missing him. This woman gives so much to this community and takes care of everyone who has a need and it’s going to be such joy to take care of her this way. We have planned to take her to lunch in early November (right after his deployment) to encourage her and to ask her how we as church can support her while her husband is away-yard work, plowing, kid care, etc. We plan to check in with her regularly, pray with and for her and invite her to join us for Christmas Eve services.