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How did you feel when you first understood the assignment?

I felt so happy that I was would be able to help someone in need. Then I felt a bit of a weight on my shoulders because I wanted to help so many people.

How did you decide how/where you’d use the money?

I decided that since the money was given to me by Grace Fellowship Church, I would go back to see how the money could help spread the word of Christ through our beautiful church, by expanding our reach to people.

How did you use the money?

I decided to try to multiply the money. I first purchased dishes for a woman who was served by Dress for Success who needed dishes for her new apartment. This cost $60. I gave it to her because one act of kindness can go a long way in terms of helping one’s world view. But, I wanted to help more people. I looked at our 2020 vision and saw that we have plans for a new campus in Schenectady. I thought that it would be great to continue our presence in Schenectady by giving “Grace Care” kits to homeless teenagers at the Schenectady homeless youth shelter. They have 13 beds and I purchased 13 personal kits (consisting of shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, lotion, deodorant, etc) I was hoping that I could purchase more, I also contacted Saratoga youth drop in shelter and want to purchase the same for these youth. My ideal is that each kit would contain a card from Grace and a label that says, “You’re safe, loved, and cared for.” I also contacted the area hospital in Schenectady and also at Albany Medical Center, to see what they needed, as well as the YWCA in Schenectady which serves homeless and in need women & children. I also contacted the American Red Cross and got Fresh Market to donate a lunch for 20 people on October 14th to give to volunteers who will be conducting a training for homeless vets. I thought, that the Red Cross is doing so much, it would be nice to give them a thank you.  This was a great project. It is so funny because when I explained the project to someone, the person immediately said, “A church gave money to it’s members? I haven’t heard of that before!”