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Leading a small group is one of the most exciting and rewarding key volunteer positions in our church. As a small group leader, you will have the privilege of serving a group of people and helping them grow in their relationship with Jesus and other members of the group. But, you don’t need to have a seminary degree, have the ability to memorize hundreds of verses, or even live a perfect life. Rather, God wants to simply use a servant’s heart/attitude combined with a desire to see God’s kingdom furthered through small groups. God uses small groups to change individual lives. They are the ideal vehicle for discipleship where the rubber of biblical truth meets the road of human relationships. In our church’s Discipleship continuum, Small Groups serve as a key catalyst in spiritual growth whether one is Exploring Christ, Beginning in Christ, Close to Christ, or Christ Centered. Come join Grace Halfmoon’s small group leader training where we will equip you to lead by teaching on the following topics:

Small Group Culture at Halfmoon
Preparing for Group Meetings
Leading Discussions
Handling Challenging Group Dynamics
Welcoming New Members
Small Group Leader Development

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If you have any questions contact Kim Litz.  Email or phone 518-389-2252.



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