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The Saxon family’s first weekend with us in worship is going to be December 1 & 2. They’re getting ready to make the long drive UP from sunny Florida very soon. And we really want to give them the VIP treatment with our welcome. Our hospitality team is planning to have two receptions for the Saxons—one on Saturday and one on Sunday of that weekend—and here are 2 ways that each of us can have a part in that.

  1. First, bring food. What’s a party without food?!? Make your favorite cookies or dip, or whatever is your signature party dish, and sign up at the desk or here to bring that to the reception.
  2. Second, we’d like to shower the Saxons with cards to let them know how much we’re praying for them and how glad we are to have them become part of our church family. And you know what? They’re new here and so they need to know the best places to eat, shop, and play. So maybe throw in a gift card to your favorite burger place or café. That would be a really cool way to introduce them to life here in the Capital Region.

Ok, so: Party on December 1 & 2; bring FOOD and CARDS. Sign up here to let the hospitality team know what food you’re bringing, and let the countdown begin!

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