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Hello High School Parents!

This year, as a relational event for our high school students, we are excited to announce that we will be attending this year’s Encounter Conference at Redeemer Church in Utica, New York.

This conference is going to serve as our “retreat” type of event for the year for high school. Students will have the opportunity to spend 48 hours away from home, school, and be fed by amazing teaching of God’s Word and grow deeper in relationships with peers/leaders.

This event WILL be taking place starting on the Thursday night of Veteran’s Day weekend, which means students will be missing school for this conference on that Friday. However, because this conference is a church event, students would legally have an excused absence from school and we would provide them with a letter to send to school explaining the absence. Our Latham campus has done this conference the past 5 years, so this action is not unprecedented at Grace Fellowship.

Here are a few reasons I am excited about Encounter Conference:

1) Registration – The registration price of Encounter Conference is at a low price of only $135.

2) Early November date – In past years we have taken our Winter Retreat in the dead of Winter and have had concerns about taking a bus to a mountain with the rough weather. This year, Encounter Conference will be taking place November 7th-9th and we will be driving about an hour and a half to Utica and staying in a hotel for two nights.

3) Going Deeper in Faith – For the last couple years in Saratoga Students, we have seen our high schoolers have so many meaningful moments through Winter Retreat and coming to faith in Jesus. I believe we are at a critical moment this year where we can push our high schoolers to become accountable for continuing their spiritual growth and experiencing the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Encounter Conference will help them do this.

If your student would like to attend this conference, registration is currently open.


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