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Thursday nights 6:30-8:30pm 
January 28 – April 22, 2021
Grace Fellowship Saratoga

The GOD of the WORD Bible studies present an opportunity for you to work your way through the entire Bible, not only getting an idea about how the whole story fits together but also learning how each part of it applies to your own present-day life. The GOD of the WORD studies were written to be just as helpful to people who have never opened a Bible in their lives as it is to those who have advanced theological training (and everyone in between).

This twelve-week study covers the last section of history in the book of Acts (in which Paul faces civic trials and imprisonment), together with the remaining fifteen New Testament epistles (letters). In this last part of the New Testament, much is written about Jesus’ promised return to earth, the hope of all who choose to put their faith in Him.

This study will be provided for a limited group in-person and also via a Zoom link for virtual participation. We look forward to growing in the Word with you!