Communications Process

We want to be sure to provide you with the highest quality we can for your requested project. A great way for us to provide you with high quality items is if requests are submitted with an appropriate expected turnaround time.

While our hope is that you can strive to submit requests with the below lead times in mind, we certainly understand that life happens sometimes and doesn’t allow for the normal lead time when requesting. These are ultimately guidelines to help ensure that the Communications Department can spend an appropriate amount of time on your project and provide you with a high quality finished product.

We want the following to serve as a guide to remember when planning to submit requests:

Digital Graphics
1.5 week turnaround (finished product in had no later than 1.5 weeks).
Printed Graphics
2 week tunraround. This could require graphic creation and coordination with a print house for delivery of final products, so keep in mind that lead times can vary.
Website Requests
1 week turnaround time for general updates or fixes. Page creation, or other requests may take longer.
Social Media Requests
1 week turnaround time. If this requires graphic creation, turnaround time could vary.
Photo or Video Request
2-3 week turnaround for standard projects. 6 weeks for large projects that require planning and collaboration.

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