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When Changing Nothing Changes Everything – Group Code 3

Lead by Lori Ruffinen
Location: North Greenbush, NY
For: General
Date & Time: Mondays at 6:00 PM

Reframing your perspective can transform your life.The stress of life can overwhelm us, and we may not see past the obstacles in our path. In the face of unwanted challenges, we may despair over our lack of control and long for an easier way out. This course offers a simple but revolutionary idea: change nothing that is around you yet still change everything about your life. With the help of four different lenses, this course shows how the way you see can have an impact on how you live. If you put on the right lenses, you can reframe whatever comes your way and embrace both the good and the bad, recognizing that every detail of your life is fully in God’s sovereign hands. You’ll see Lori at the Greenbush Grounds Cafe where she serves regularly on Sundays. She loves people and is passionate about sharing her faith.

This group will be held in Lori’s home in North Greenbush.

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