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Greenbush TUE-03: Partner with the Holy Spirit in Prayer: A How to Guide

Lead by Frank Ciarlo
Location: Grace Greenbush
For: Open to All
Date & Time: Tuesdays at 6:30 PM

This workshop is designed for those who are interested in improving their personal prayer lives and seeking better ways to pray for loved ones, those in our church, and the lost in our community.

In 10 weeks, we will explore the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, and His role in our lives. We will learn from The Prayer Coach to pray when the Spirit says pray. A.W. Tozer in Alive in the Spirit will teach us how to stand in the power of a Spirit-filled life. Our prayer manual will outline the basics of the prayer experience as well as do’s and don’ts when praying with believers and non-believers. Stormie Omartian in Prayer Warrior will offer a daily guide to our warriors.

This is designed for those who are looking for instruction over inspiration. We will provide both reflection and practical steps to improve your daily, church, and community prayer life.

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