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Built To Last

What is love & marriage all about? Check out this series starring “The Smootchers.”

Marriage Testimonies: Working It Out In Real Life
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/30/2016

Sermon Text: Various Scriptures

Strengthening Commitment
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/23/2016

Commitment is strengthened by mutual faith, works through major challenges, and survives the ups and downs of life.

Rekindling the Fires of Romance
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/16/2016

As fire is to burning so romance is to a healthy marriage.

Handling Conflict Constructively
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/9/2016

Far from killing a marriage, if conflict is handled constructively, it can actually help move the relationship to healthier levels of affection and understanding.

Deepening Your Intimacy
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/2/2016

If a couple is spiritually united, emotionally available, and physically connected, intimacy in marriage can be deepened as the bedroom is transformed from a battlefield into a playground.

Desiring God More Than Your Spouse
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 9/25/2016

It is only when we delight in God’s approval and satisfaction more than our spouse’s that we are really free to relate to our spouse in the most emotionally healthy fashion.

Choosing A Foundation
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 9/18/2016

The only significant difference between a wise builder and a foolish one is the foundation, but that makes all the difference.

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