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Growing Up In Christ

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. – Galatians 5:22-23

Check out this series on the fruits of the Spirit.

Self-control When You Don’t Feel Like It
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 8/28/2016

If we stay alert to signs of drifting, search our heart for deceitfulness, obey God’s warnings, and consider the consequences of failure … we can grow in self-control.

Gentleness When You Are Hurting
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 8/21/2016

While gentleness is a quality to which few people aspire, it is one of the most powerful qualities in helping us to represent Jesus well.

Faithfulness When You Are Alone
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 8/14/2016

A faithful life requires vigilance in little things, when we are tempted, and especially when we are mistreated.

Kindness & Goodness When Unnoticed
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 8/7/2016

We are being like Christ when we show kindness and goodness to those who don’t deserve it and who can never repay us.

Patience When You Are Weary
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 7/31/2016

When it comes to making you or me a better disciple, God is never in a hurry; but He’s never late!

Standing Firm in the Peace of God
Chad Bryan, Associate Pastor, Student Ministries, Grace Fellowship, Halfmoon - 7/24/2016

Believers can stand firm in the peace of God by striving for peace with one another, gratefully giving our anxieties to God and THINKING and DOING good.

Joy When Life is a Struggle
Mike Adams, Saratoga Lead Pastor - 7/17/2016

The power to have a heart of joy is made possible through the Holy Spirit, but we make a daily, conscious choice to draw on His power and strength.

All We Need is Love
Pat Marotta, Guest Speaker - 7/10/2016

Living in the overflow of God’s love changes our hearts to love others in a supernatural way.

An Empowered Church
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 7/3/2016

Jesus Christ is the hope for the world. And the world’s best chance for meeting Him is through an empowered church, living in step with the Spirit.

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