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Meet our global missions partners

Traditional Missions is what most people think of as missions or a missions program.  These are individuals who believe they have received a calling from God to share the Good News of Christ as a full time vocation, usually requiring relocation to another country or region.

Currently Grace Fellowship partners spiritually and financially with approximately two dozen missionaries serving, globally, regionally and locally to share the Gospel and make a positive impact for Christ.

We want you to know and develop an intimate relationship with our missionary families. In the blog below, you can learn more about each of our partners.  You will see their work and their needs, and you will be able to provide support and encouragement through prayer and communication.

How to help

Here are three great ways to support our Global Missions Partners:

Sponsor a Child

Many children around the world are malnourished and first generation literate. A large percentage of them drop out of school or don’t attend school at all. Poor education results in poor quality of life and the cycle of poverty repeats itself. Grace Fellowship is on a mission to help children know the love of Jesus, break the cycle of poverty, and take steps toward a better life and a better future.

Go on a Mission Trip

Grace Fellowship organizes several short-term missions trips each year. On these trips we work with our partners, encourage them, pray for them, and often make great friendships that last for years. In addition to helping our partners, we find that short-term missions trips also have the benefit of being one of the most catalytic discipleship experiences you can have.

Commit to Pray

There’s no activity we can do that will mean more to our partners than prayer. Pray for their ministries, families, health, safety and more. If you’d like a more specific list of prayer requests for a specific Global Missions partner, feel free to contact our Missions Team using the form below.

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