Through your generous giving in 2021, we were able to provide to so many in need and serve God faithfully as stewards of His financial resources. We are praying that 2022 is filled with much more of the same. Below you will find just some of the many ways your giving made an impact.

During our May 23, 2021 services, Grace Fellowship did something pretty radical; we gave away 150 Envelopes containing $200 each to congregants that were willing to participate in the Kingdom Assignment.

The goal was for people to show compassion to an individual, a couple, a family, or a business that was  impacted in some way by COVID-19. Participating Congregants were given 5 weeks to invest this money for the Kingdom.  As a result there were over 130 Kingdom Assignment Projects that occurred. Not only did participants of the Kingdom Assignment  reinvest the $30,000 dollars given out back into our communities, but they added an additional $21,565 of their own dollars! Praise God!

“It amazes me how good God is and how much He loves us all. In just 3 days God allowed the funds to increase from $200 to $1,000.”


“This opportunity to serve strengthened our relationship with each other and with God.” 


“Having our small group take on this project as a whole brought us all closer together and strengthened our bond. We also now have several ideas for how to serve in our community in the future.”


Global Missions

Because of your generous support over the past year or so, we have been able to do many wonderful things for the poor in India, as in the attached video. We have been able to provide a tuk-tuk to help support one of our Pastors and his family. We have been able to build a school with an attached boarding home that provides free Christian education, as well as room and board for Temple Prostitute children. (This is especially needful for young daughters of Temple Prostitutes, who are at risk of becoming Temple Prostitutes themselves without such opportunities as this.)

We have been able to drill fresh water wells in 24 dry villages for thirsty people.  We have especially been able to feed many hungry families during the severe COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year, distributing approximately 1000 grocery kits to suffering Christians, including many Temple Prostitutes that we have ministered Christ to during our Temple Prostitute conferences over the past few years.  

Through your generosity our Grace In Action team were able to support the following community partners: Alpha Pregnancy Center, Jezreel International, Veterans Miracle Network, Joseph’s House, Unity House, Mechanicville Area Community Service Center, Captain Community Human Services,  City Mission, Franklin Community Center, Gateway House Of Peace, and Backstretch Employee Assistance Team. We hope along with your generous giving of finacial resources, that God allows you to serve the community with your time in the near future, through Grace In Action!

Connect Center Project

The GIA Team came together to renovate the Connect Center for Youth in Cohoes. This was a major construction project to create a music studio for teens. 13 different GIA Build Team volunteers were involved in the actual renovation work, representing all three of our campuses. After 710 volunteer man-hours incurred by the team, the project was completed!

Church Wide Serving Event

On October 9, 2021 we coordinated a church wide serving event which involved 155 Grace Fellowship volunteers, 11 different work sites, and 9 different GIA community partners (3 faith based, 6 non-faith based). This spanned across 4 counties and totaled 350 hours of community service. 

Invert 2021

For 3 days in August 2021 GFYOUTH student ministries (6th-12th grades) at all Grace campuses performed service projects with Grace In Action partners throughout the Capital District and at all 3 Grace campuses. A total of 83 students from all three campuses helped paint, organize, sort, and clean. 

GFYOUTH High School Latham worked at Joseph’s House in Troy and, with GFYOUTH Halfmoon, worked at Jezreel International in Albany. Due to age restrictions and COVID-19, service in community areas were limited for GFYOUTH Middle School Latham. However, they assisted with facility projects throughout Grace Latham, including setup for other ministry events that week, repaired and painted walls, painted youth center stage area and completed emptied out and then stored items from the youth center and surrounding rooms in order for the 2020 construction in the Youth Center to kick off.