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We believe in the power of prayer.

When God’s children call on His name, there’s no limit to what He can do for us and through us.

Whether you’ve come to this page to pray or to ask for prayer, feel free to scroll through our prayer board and lift up a prayer for those among us in need.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it according to your instructions. Feel free to submit as many prayer requests as you like!


God, I pray to you for good luck around me & that I do a great job at my new place of employment & people like me. I pray that things start going well for me & I could sleep at night. In Jesus name.

Received: March 3, 2024

Jennifer Spitzer

Please pray that it's Not busy at work today and that I do an excellent amazing job ijnip amen

Received: March 3, 2024


please pray for me,my mother and my 3 sisters because after my father's death my 2 elder brothers persecuting us because of property and hate . We are living outside of city in fear because they used to fight and quarrel . They both are lawyers and politician and misusing the law . They both and their wives are hindu and their people also persecute us because we accepted Christ . We are sick and having finance problems and career problems and nobody is supporting us. We are tired no peace in our life . We are also facing witchcraft attacks , bad dreams and evil spirits attacks , some of us have kidney and gall stones and weak eyesight and weak body so please pray for this and also for safety , deliverance , blessings ,healing and peace

Received: March 3, 2024

Olga M

Please pray for my recovery from physical weakness and severe back pain and be able to feed and take care of my one month old baby. Overcome financial problems and my husband get a better job or get paid his last few months salary Get over feelings of loneliness, sadness and depression.

Received: March 3, 2024


My ex wife who left my son and I. We sold our house and are held in limbo. She cleaned me out and her and her attorney are holding up paperwork for funds to be released for us to move into our new place. We have to be out of this house on the 14th and no funds to move. Please pray for funds to be released with enough funds we get our home before we are homeless. Also to stop spiritual attacks.

Received: March 3, 2024

Floyd Nesbitt

My name is Floyd please pray for me I am filing a claim for VA disability please pray for favor with the veterans administration and wisdom in my situation

Received: March 2, 2024


Healing for bump underneath skin on leg pray it's not cancer and protection from cancer

Received: March 2, 2024


I’m so so so sick!! I’m going through demonic oppression and spiritual attacks. I need deliverance and freedom from Haitian voodoo.

I’m facing demonic,satanic,evil spirits & forces.I need healing,deliverance & freedom from demonic & satanic oppression.I’m going through spiritual warfare,spiritual attacks & Haitian voodoo.Pray for my protection in this evil world.I’m going through A LOTS.It’s a battle for me out here.I need peace of mind,inner joy,inner peace,deliverance & protection.Pray for me to get on my feet & to start enjoying life.I want to be financially successful,stable & bless.Pray for me to start my career as realtor.

Received: March 2, 2024


Please pray for Ciaran, that he gets this job he has a final interview for this week.

He has applied for countless jobs in the past year, and despite making it to the final stages has yet to secure a job.

Received: March 2, 2024


Please pray for the Lord to heal me of my severe allergies & back pain and Restore my Health, Peace, Joy and Happiness. Please pray for the Lord to help my work situation get better and deliver me from A F who is trying to make things difficult for me in effort to elevate himself. Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing our prayers. God bless you all!

Received: March 2, 2024

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