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We believe in the power of prayer.

When God’s children call on His name, there’s no limit to what He can do for us and through us.

Whether you’ve come to this page to pray or to ask for prayer, feel free to scroll through our prayer board and lift up a prayer for those among us in need.

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I'm submitting this request from Brazil. I'm a 38 yrs old man. I'm unemployed since from the last year. I'm architect and beyond that I've already tryied different means to work, I just don't find a way. I'm becoming weak and tired. Things aren't worse because I gotta my father's and stepmother support, but somehow seems that our familiar relationship is getting worse. I used to help somehow at the house bills. I'm a post degree student. Still have to handle it till the middle of 2023. Due to it I had to rent a small place to me spend the nights when I have classes because I get home very late and the place my father and stepmother live in is very far and there are no transport at the time I arrive. I badly can pay for the rent due to some freelance services I got. I just had no meal to eat at there. I got several late bills to pay. My mind seems very noise. Last year when I visited my mom in other State of Brazil we planned that she would move to here. She is almost 70 years old and lives alone. Unfortunatelly the things that I have tried failled and I couldn't even help her with the bills I used to pay before. Some days ago I just got few incomes of a freelance service and I used it to pay some late bills of my mom because the water company had interrupted the service due no payment. I had helped her to buy up some medicines too. She is retired but the amount she gains isn't enough. Most of the times I get restless because she has low mobility too.

As a matter of a fact beyond that I've got lot of things to solve, I look around and see some several persons in trouble. I feel very weak because I can barely help. There's a very special person for me that lives 4 hours away that has been facing problems with depression, anxiety, unemployment, pain and things that just make me cry. I pray God, the Holy Spirit and you, brothers and sisters that these issues get solved by the glory of the Lord.

Received: January 27, 2023

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