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One Month To Live

How would you live if you only had 30 days left? Would you live differently?

The Resurrection Confirms The Gospel

Easter Weekend 2016

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the grave is the basis for our faith, our fellowship with God, and our future hope.

When Neighbors Move Us

God puts people and experiences in our path and He does not want us to pass by.

Powerful Signs

There are several powerful signs recorded in the gospel of John. What do they reveal about who Jesus is?

Wealth: Is It Worth It?

What does God say about wealth? In this series we’ll learn about the power of wealth and how to earn it honestly, share generously, and spend wisely.

Little Things

God does some of His best work in small, unassuming ways, so be attentive to the little things.

Are We There Yet? Conversations On Camelback

We all bring our expectations as we approach the manger or the cross, but we hold on to ‘The Promise’ of God as we walk away.

Revelation Part Two: The Hope Of The Church

The message of Revelation continues to be quite simple: If you are not ready, get ready, because Jesus is coming. If you are struggling and experiencing tribulation, then hold on, because Jesus is coming.

Revelation Part One: The Health Of The Church

As we begin this journey into one of the most famous and infamous books in all of scripture, it is of utmost importance that we start by asking the right question, “How can I be a faithful follower of Jesus who lives ready every day for His return?”