Through the Bible Memory Verse (BMV) Program we hope to encourage families to spend time together learning God’s word and recording it to heart as we become better disciples for Christ.  Each summer, we celebrate children who meet or exceed the BMV goals with a party. The Bible Memory Verses we provide are directly from the Kidventure Curriculum. Extra verses suggestions can be found here.

Bible Memory Guidelines 

  • Each student will have a punch card with their name on it in a binder in their small group room to track their progress.
  • Each verse said (including reference) = 1 punch
  • Kids earn a prize from the prize bin immediately upon completing age- / grade-appropriate punch target 
  • Verses must be recited to Kidventure small group leader or helper
  • Verses may not be repeated within the year (September – August)
  • 4th and 5th Grades must find the verse in the Bible and hand the Bible to Small Group Leader before reciting the verse
  • Old Testament Books (does not count toward Bibe memory goal) = 3 punches
  • New Testament Books (does not count toward Bible memory goal) = 2 punches

Bible Memory Goals

  • Any student who meets these goals by the end of June will be invited to an end-of-summer celebration

3 years old – 10 verses

4 years old – 15 verses

Kindergarten – 20 verses

1st grade – 30 verses

2nd grade – 35 verses

3rd grade – 40 verses 

4th grade – 45 verses

5th grade – 50 verses

Rewards (choose a prize from the prize bin)

4 and under – 2 punches = prize

K-1st – 3 punches = prize

2nd-3rd – 4 punches = prize

4th-5th – 5 punches = prize