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Through the Bible Memory Verse (BMV) Program we hope to encourage families to spend time together learning God’s word and recording it to heart as we become better disciples for Christ.  Each fall, we celebrate children who meet or exceed the BMV goals with a party. Children also receive award certificates, trophies and/or other gifts.

The Bible Memory Verses we provide are directly from the KC Curriculum. There will be 1 BMV per month (4 weeks). The verse are on the student’s take home sheet each week.

Verses learned at home, at school, or anywhere else are happily accepted as well!

Teachers and small group leaders will introduce, teach, review and encourage children to learn and share their verses but families and students are responsible for keeping record of their child’s memorized verses. This is to provide more time for relationship building, as well as the opportunity to dig deep into the many elements of the KC Curriculum.  It should also alleviate discrepancies in record keeping.

Recording Bible Memory Verses

Pre-school/Pre-K parents can pick up and drop off memory verse recording cards, as well as get a copy of the certificate requirements, at the BMV Station in the KC hallway (Wing).

Elementary students can share their verses at the Big Bible Board table in the Youth Center before or after services.

KC Coordinators maintain a list of recorded verses, so families or students can check on progress.

Memory Verse Goals

3 year old –   10 verses

4 year old –   15 verses

Kindergarten – 20 verses

1st Grade –   30 verses

2nd Grade –   35 verses

3rd Grade –   40 verses

4th Grade –   45 verses

5th Grade –   50 verses