Bible Memory

Kidventure is committed to supporting you in your efforts to “raise your children in the Lord.”  Our desire is to partner with you in giving your children a rich understanding of God’s Word as well as encouraging them to memorize key Bible verses and their application to their daily lives. We offer families an ongoing system of memory verses and we build in rewards to encourage children to “hide God’s Word in their hearts.”


What verses should my child memorize?

Your child may choose to memorize the monthly verses given by Kidventure, or your child may choose a verse on their own or with you.

View this year’s verses (PDF, 2020-2021).

Bug, Farm. Undersea
Grade 1-6
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Monthly Verses from Kidventure

Children in Early Childhood classes through Grade 6 should receive a monthly Bible verse on a colored paper card from his or her teacher/small group leader at the beginning of each month. This verse is normally taught in class by the teachers, but please also help your child at home.

Other Verses Chosen by You and Your Child

You may help your child choose a verse directly from the Bible and write it on an index card along with its reference. We usually use the New International Version in Kidventure, but any Bible version is acceptable as long as the verse is recorded as written in that version.

Verses from Previous Years

Your child may recite verses learned in previous years in Kidventure for points in the current year. For example, if a child learned 20 verses for points in Grade 1, those same 20 verses may be recited again in Grade 2 for points.


How Does my child learn the Bible verses?

Although Bible verses will be regularly taught in your child’s class, the majority of the responsibility for Bible memory remains with you, the child’s parent. Bible verse memorization is definitely a partnership between Kidventure and you as parents. Without your input and encouragement, your child’s potential for Bible memory is unlikely to be met.

Check out “Family Tips for Bible Memorization”  and “Fun Ways to Teach Bible Verses” for suggestions to help you encourage your children to learn memory verses. You may also obtain a booklet that our KC teachers use, containing game ideas and fun ways to teach verses to your children from the Children’s Ministry Director. Children should memorize the verse, the reference, and know what the verse means in their own words. Please continue to review the verses with your child, since this is the best way for children to really “hide God’s Word” permanently in their hearts.


How does my child earn credit for verse memorization?

A child can recite or sing a verse for their parent or a leader/teacher in Kidventure. He or she must give the adult the card the verse is written on so that the adult can follow along. If the child is reciting the verse for a parent, the parent should sign the verse card to indicate that the child has successfully memorized the verse.

It is important to make sure that the teacher receives the verse card or index card so that Kidventure can record the verse for credit. No credit can be given without some sort of verse card. Children earn one Hosanna Hut point for each verse memorized.


How is my child rewarded for Bible memory?

During the ministry year

First-floor classrooms: When a child in Early Childhood memorizes a verse, they should turn in their verse card to their teacher. The teacher will give your child an instant reward consisting of a sticker or a piece of candy and record your child’s verse for credit.

Second-floor classrooms:  When your child memorizes a verse, they should stop by the Cabana counter at the top of the stairs to turn in their verse card for credit.  For each verse memorized, your child will earn one point that can be redeemed at our Hosanna Hut.

At the conclusion of our School Year session

Children who memorize the required number of verses will earn a Bible Memory plaque at the end of our School Year session. This award plaque is given in front of the whole congregation as part of our main services.

Because of the teacher’s/leader’s many responsibilities, we ask parents to be sure their child receives credit for the verses they have learned.  We also ask parents to verify the accuracy of the list of verses we have on record for your child in Kidventure.

Verses Memorized

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