Chiang Mai, Thailand

Founder and Director, Kathleen DeMaso


Home of Joy is a small orphanage (actually more like a family in structure and relationships) in Chiang Mai that exists simply to provide for the true orphans, between the ages of birth and two years, who have been abandoned. Kathleen and her small team endeavor to meet the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the children until they reach adulthood. The Home of Joy is a part of the Project L.I.F.E. Foundation which is a welfare foundation under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security of the Royal Thai government. Kathleen’s ministry focuses on teaching God’s values, so that the children can live out their lives in accordance with His character, as they influence those around them. One of the more effective ways of realizing this goal has been through the participation of the children in community outreach opportunities for the less fortunate. Through these activities the children have been able to see and share the love of Christ. They are modeling Christ for their world, and impacting generations to come.


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