What an awesome privilege we’ve been given to help you lay a Godly foundation in the lives of your children and show them the joy of knowing Jesus! At Kidventure, we love children and celebrate the gift of Jesus’ salvation in fun, festive and creative ways. Not only do we share your desire to see your children grow in their faith with Jesus Christ as their personal savior, but we are so psyched about it! How does this happen?  Simple, by partnering with you weekly, we give your children a safe environment infused with interactive worship and meaningful activities. Then, they begin to grow grow grow…… Still a doubting Thomas? Come see what we’re all about. Visit us through the Grand Castle Gates. We look forward to meeting you and your children!

Our Weekend Ministries

While you are enjoying an uplifting God centered worship experience in the main Sanctuary, your children will be having a lively worship experience of their very own just a stone’s throw away. We love children and think it’s really important that they have their own kid-friendly venue where they can worship God for themselves. If you are a first-time visitor, you are more than welcome to visit us at the Castle Gates to sign in and learn more.

Early Childhood — birth to kindergarten

This ministry provides fun and inviting classrooms where simple Bible truths and Bible stories are shared. Using praise and worship, crafts, and games, our volunteer teachers work to nurture an understanding of Jesus, God’s Word, and His kingdom. Our Nursery (birth – walking) is a well-supervised, nurturing environment that specializes in child centered play. If you choose not to enroll your infant, that’s fine too. We offer a Mommy’s Room, a private place where you can comfortably care for your child while viewing the service live. The Mommy’s Room is located in the back left corner of the sanctuary.

Elementary — first to fifth grade

Here, the kids join together for a time of electrifying worship, followed by small-group kid centered interactive Bible learning, and getting to know each other.  The high interest curriculum also provides your children with the building blocks necessary to create a solid foundation in their faith while having loads of fun. You get the idea!


Our Weekly Ministries

Kidventure Digging Deep

Digging Deep baarings a fresh approach to growing a lifelong relationship with God. As kids explore God’s character throughout the Bible, God transforms them from the inside out. With the Digging Deep curriculum, kids discover what it means to reflect the heart of God in everyday life.  This program is intended for children entering PreK-4 through 5th grade. Childcare is provided for babies through age 3. This program supports our Wednesday night classes and groups.


From baby rocking, to teaching, to snack prep, there is a place for you to volunteer in Kidventure. If you have a desire to serve our families, we invite you to come join our volunteer team. If you are interested, find out more information at the Castle Gates or you can e-mail the Kidventure team.