Masese, Uganda

Founder and Director, Pastor Isa Kawoya


The Oasis of Hope Foundation in Masese, in the Jinja district of Uganda is a Christian based organization that was started by the local church to preach the Word of God to all, regardless of tribe, religion, background or culture. Oasis of Hope is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria and has had a special relationship with Grace Fellowship since 2006. Throughout these years we have seen God bless and grow this ministry in a myriad of ways. Whether it is the current school of 600 children, with a separate dormitory building for 250 students, or the current church building that accommodates 300, with a building under construction that will soon accommodate 3000 worshipers, God’s presence has been apparent in the Village of Masese. Prior to 2006 none of these blessings existed, because there was no Oasis of Hope. Oasis of Hope has been a bright and powerful light that has shown God’s love for His people. And during this time, God has received all of the glory for the good works that have been done; to nurture the children, provide counseling to the weary, create income generating opportunities to the poor and disadvantaged, and provide for the physical and emotional well being of the infirmed. Oasis of Hope has indeed made a positive impact on the lives of those in the Village of Masese.