Chitradurga, India

Founders and Directors, Prakash Lingappa

Rise India is engaged in the following ministries:

Rural Villages and Pastoral Care: they are mentoring and providing pastoral care and financial aid, for pastors who travel to rural villages in the state of Karnataka India. Including Mercy (medical) ministries: Various medical teams come to Rise India to help with medical care for the people in the villages. There is usually no government facilities in these remote villages.

Evangelism: They work with various mission teams from around the world that want to share the gospel with the villages, slums, campus areas.

Trade School: (Mountain View) In the rural part of Karnataka State they run a Trade School including Dalit and untouchable students. The College provides an education for the children of temple prostitutes by teaching the trades of welding, metalworking, and electrical engineering. The students also learn written and spoken English. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” is the focus. With this, they reach their families, giving them better opportunities for their lives. The trade school is even affiliated with the Government of India.

Kingdom Kids: Rise India started Kindergarten and primary school, Daycare, Preschool, and Kindergarten, a source of reaching the local community, including afterschool program. This is for underprivileged children from slums, and urban areas. They are helping with their academy and basic spoken English, and the children are introduced to their Loving Father through summer camps and VBS programs.

Hosting long term and short term teams, all year round: Rise India has partnered with the world’s largest mission sending organization, YWAM, and with Adventure in Missions for over 10 years. They also include many other individual churches from multiple countries. They host both long and short term Outreach teams. These teams participate in rural village and slum ministries, VBS, conferences and seminars, teaching English, medical work and encouraging local believers!! They LOVE hosting long and short term teams. They have been receiving hundreds of people every year from all over the world, able to reach thousands of lives in rural and urban India. Keep Rise India, our international teams and their safety in your daily prayers.

Marriage Counseling and seminar: Rise India hosts yearly marriage counseling seminars. This equips couples with biblical solutions for raising children, conflict resolution, finances, forgiveness, communication, and much more.


Devadaasi (Temple Prostitutes): In Karnataka state there is a temple where young girls are dedicated by their families to serve as temple prostitutes. Rise India holds yearly conferences, where many women come to a saving knowledge of Christ. Our short term teams also have an opportunity to minister to these women.


Living Water: (Jeeva Jala) In this project they are able to drill deep water wells in different villages. These are villages where young girls and women have to walk miles to bring water for their daily needs; where some people commit suicide, due to lack of water. Now entire villagers are so happy, and kids can return to school and continue their education. Fresh Water Friends and Grace Fellowship Church, along with many other individual friends, have collectively raised thousands of dollars for water wells. God is doing amazing things in India – thank you for all your prayers, and trusting Rise India.


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