Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

Applications & deposits are now being accepted for the April 28 – May 5, 2023 DR trip.

Contact Warren DeLollo: (518)-928-9295 or Kathy Gaylo: (518)-812-4660

There is no obligation or commitment in speaking with Pastor Warren, just a conversation to hear about an opportunity that God may not want you to pass up.

There will be five in-person team-training meetings, and one zoom meeting. It is mandatory for all team members to attend all 6 training meetings.

Meeting #1: February 5th | Classroom A | Latham Campus

Meeting #2: February 17th | Zoom Meeting at 6:30pm| A link will be provided

Meeting #3: March 19th | Classroom A | Latham Campus

Meeting #4: April 16th | Classroom A | Latham Campus (bring two large suitcases to this meeting)

Meeting #5: April 23rd | Classroom B | Latham Campus (team packing meeting)

If you are yearning for a way to rekindle the fire that once burned bright within you, to know Him more closely and serve Him more passionately.  A short-term mission trip might be just what you need and what God has planned for you!!!!

We looking forward to hearing from you.

Trip details are accessible here