Parent/Child Dedication is a commitment for parents to raise their child in the ways of the Lord. During the Parent/Child Dedication, parents are provided the opportunity to make a public declaration to raise their child(ren) in a Christ-centered home and do all they can to lead their kids to know and believe the gospel. The church community is also asked to commit to support and partner with these parents in their calling. 

At Grace, we view dedication not as a statement of salvation for a child, but rather a statement of how parents will raise their child(ren). While not a command of scripture, Parent/Child Dedication is a symbol of a parent’s desire to obediently raise their child(ren) in the knowledge and instruction of the Lord.

This one-hour class covers (1) the meaning of parent and child dedication, (2) the reason we dedicate young children and not baptize them, (3) the responsibility of the parent after dedication, and (4) the logistics of the dedication service.

Class will be Sunday, September 2023.  11am – 12pm.
You are welcome to take your kids to Kidventure for this class.  If you want to attend the 9am service you can also have your kids attend Kidventure for both service and class.