The Grace Fellowship brand represents who we are and what we do.

The below guidelines are meant to assist in being consistent when using our branding.


These guidelines ensure that the look and voice of our logo remains uniform by addressing rendering, color, and orientation. Our goals are simplicity and consistency. We have 3 different Grace Fellowship logo arrangements. This allows us to make the best use of logo placement opportunities that have varying space limitations.
This arrangement is our go-to. All things being equal, we should use this logo whenever possible.
The vertical and horizontal arrangements are available for space-appropriate applications.
G Icon

Using our “G” alone is also a good practice and is applicable in many scenarios. This is likely to be used on promotional or printed items that are identifiable as Grace Fellowship items.

Maintaining the visual integrity of our brand marks is a must. Below are some things to avoid when using the Grace logo. These are general rules of thumb. There may be times and situations to break these “rules” Please check in with the Communications Department before making any logo adjustments

Outlining The Brandmark

Changing Colors Of The Brandmark

Changing The Orientation Of The Brandmark

Redrawing The Brandmark

Placing The Brandmark Over Low Contrasting Color/Image

Distorting Or Resizing Any Element Of The Brandmark



Our logo officially uses two Pantone Matching System (PMS) primary colors you can see below. We will also use a standard black and white where applicable

PMS 130 U for the G Icon (aka #F79B2E in digital color)

PMS Warm Gray 10 for the lettering (aka #827C78 in digital color)


An important item to keep in mind is that we are one church that meets in multiple locations. Becuase of that, we will strive to use language in promotional items that is consistent with our church model.

We will seek to use titles like Latham Campus, Halfmoon Campus, Saratoga Campus rather than “Grace Latham”, “Grace Halfmoon”, “Grace Saratoga”.

The old campus color system should not be used in any case. The goal is to move the congregation toward a more unified perception of our visual brand. 

Grace Merch

The Communications Department manages the Grace Merch Store. In addition to the merch store, ministries and campuses may express interest in developing merch. Any merch items that will use the Grace brand must be approved through the Communications Department. This will ensure maintaining the visual brand identity of Grace Fellowship.