Church Next

The key to the explosive growth of the early church was the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through the early church. The key to lasting impact in the local church today is the same.

In this 6 part series we explore the first 6 chapters of the Book of Acts and discover what God designed the church to be.

Organized For Effectiveness
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/22/2017

Sustained success demands sufficient structure and strategic focus.

Respected For Integrity
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/15/2017

The best advertisement for the church is a Christian with integrity.

Inspired With Courage
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/8/2017

God does His best work through ordinary people who are inspired with courage by the Holy Spirit.

Moved With Compassion
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 10/1/2017

Authentic acts of compassion are the natural outflow of a soul in love with Jesus.

Enabled to Represent Jesus Well
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 9/24/2017

When we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, attention will be drawn to Christ, people will be saved, and believers will be edified.

Empowered By The Spirit
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 9/17/2017

When we seek to exalt Christ, the Holy Spirit empowers our testimony and instead of just being a passive audience, we become a powerful army.