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FOMO: How to Know God’s Plan

Ever fear you’re missing out on God’s plan for your life? You’re not alone!

Many people of faith find themselves asking, “What is God’s plan for me?” “How do I know for sure?” “Did I miss it?!”

In this 10-part series we’ll learn how to walk step-by-step with the Holy Spirit into the will of God.

Higher Thoughts
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 5/26/2019

God will direct our paths if we acknowledge Him in all our ways.

What About Plan B?
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 5/19/2019

We are made by God, marred by sin, and then mended … as He redeems us for higher purposes.

How Will God Guide Me?
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 5/12/2019

God’s will is normally more like a game plan than a blueprint, more like a process than a snapshot.

God’s Will … Who Cares?
Dr. Rex Keener, Senior Pastor - 5/5/2019

To know and do the will of God should be the primary heart cry of every genuine Christ-follower.

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