How do you measure the work of God?

Though our mission is simple—glorify God by making more and better disciples—the conversation of how to measure our effectiveness can be a complicated one. Ultimately, we believe it’s about lives changed by the power of Jesus and for the glory of God. One day, we’ll know every story, and we’ll hear every detail. But for today, let these three stories encourage you. Your gifts and contributions to Grace Fellowship are being put to good use. Both here in our own backyard and around the world.

Thank you for giving to God’s work through Grace Fellowship in 2019.
May God continue to bless our church as we sacrifice together for HIS Kingdom.

From our church family

Jessamyn – MOMs of Grace

When I was a new mom I had the joy of joining a moms support group. It was the most life changing experience. I remember hearing that being a mom can be isolating – but I was experiencing that for myself. I thought that I was alone in the things that I was feeling, that my children were the only ones to behave in certain ways, and that the experiences I was having were things no one else could understand. It was while being surrounded by other moms that I learned I WASN’T ALONE!

There was always another mother who felt what I was feeling. Someone else’s child had behaved the exact same way mine had. Very few experiences of parenting were truly unique. This was the place that I found the strength and wisdom to get through each week.

So this has become my passion – to create a place where MOMs can be themselves and find the support, fellowship and guidance that they need to become the very best moms that they can be. We are raising the next generation of God’s children – seeking His wisdom, while supporting and encouraging each other through each step along the way!”

From our community partners

CAPTAIN Community Human Services (CHS) is a dynamic non-profit whose mission is to support and empower people of all ages to reach their goals of personal growth and self-sufficiency. They strengthen communities by Lifting People Up and Building Brighter Futures. With over 42 years of service to the communities of Saratoga County and the Capital Region, CAPTAIN prides themselves in staying grounded as a grass-roots organization fueled by the contributions of over 500 volunteers annually. They are focused on addressing the core social issues of hunger, homelessness, and economic crisis through empowerment and community support programs and services.

With the help and support of Grace Fellowship, CAPTAIN CHS is able to more meaningfully impact and address those who need us most. One story that helps bring this home is of Delores who came to the CAPTAIN Runaway and Homeless Youth Shelter as a teen in crisis. There, she found the “warm hug she had been searching for,” and received guidance, resources, and the support of adults she could trust. Her experience extended beyond the efforts of staff as she grew close to those other teens with stories similar to hers. They became a family during the most difficult time of their youth. While Delores came to earn her GED, and found tremendous success as a businesswoman in her adult life, the most meaningful impact she experienced was that of community service – something she has continued with her family today. In her own words, “I received so much more than a safe space through the CAPTAIN Youth Shelter; I received a foundation.”

Delores is one of the thousands of individuals and families CAPTAIN has helped over the years and the support of Grace Fellowship through Grace in Action is one of many supporters who make this possible.

From around the world

Missionary partners, Bart & Emily Allen, Papua New Guinea

Bart & Emily Allen and their four children have been serving the Lord living among the Amdu people located in the remote mountains of Sandaun province of western Papua New Guinea. There is no gospel witness there among these mountain-side gardening people. The village is quite isolated – there only way in/out is via small mission airplane.

By God’s grace, they have endeavor to learn the tribal language, teach the people to read and write in their own language, translate the Bible, and then teach them what it says. It has been many years in the making. Bart & Emily have finished with formal language and culture study and now their team focus has shifted to literacy and Bible translation. Very soon they will begin to teach the people what God says in His word.

With support from Grace, Bart & Emily have access to clothing, medical insurance/medical supplies, transportation in and out of Papua New Guinea, as well as books/materials that they need to prepare for teaching and sharing the Gospel. 

 “We are excited that the Lord has given us the privilege to work among this unreached group of people. We pray that in the coming years many Amdu men, women and children will truly understand their need for a Savior and become fellow disciples of Christ. Please pray for our family and our team as we work together towards sharing the Good News with the Amdu people.

Once the church is born, discipling new believers will be another key goal. 

 This coming year we will begin the Bible teaching in March or April, laying a firm foundation beginning in Genesis and following God’s story of redemption. Please pray for our team as we continue Bible translation and writing Bible lessons we will teach from. Please pray for our Amdu friends to hear and believe God’s Word as we teach it. Please pray for team unity and endurance as the workload is intense.”