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Ever miss a weekend service or want to re-listen to a powerful message that impacted you?
You can watch and listen to messages on demand here.

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Fire from Heaven

For the Sake of the Gospel

Lives Worth Living

Pursue the Prize

Focus on Jesus as you run to get the prize … a transformed life.

Heaven on Earth

Join us for this 5-part marriage series.

Better Disciples

Following Jesus is a high calling.

Join us for this 4-part series.

FOMO: How to Know God’s Plan

Ever fear you’re missing out on God’s plan for your life? You’re not alone!

Many people of faith find themselves asking, “What is God’s plan for me?” “How do I know for sure?” “Did I miss it?!”

In this 10-part series we’ll learn how to walk step-by-step with the Holy Spirit into the will of God.

My Lord And My God

The evidence of Easter ultimately demands a verdict of “my Lord and my God!”

Failure Need Not Be Final

Failure need not be final if we fail forward.