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FOMO: How to Know God’s Plan

Ever fear you’re missing out on God’s plan for your life? You’re not alone!

Many people of faith find themselves asking, “What is God’s plan for me?” “How do I know for sure?” “Did I miss it?!”

In this 10-part series we’ll learn how to walk step-by-step with the Holy Spirit into the will of God.

My Lord And My God

The evidence of Easter ultimately demands a verdict of “my Lord and my God!”

Failure Need Not Be Final

Failure need not be final if we fail forward.

The Gethsemane School of Prayer

When prayer becomes more of the steering wheel for one’s life, rather than a spare tire, we begin to discover the transforming power of communing with God.

The Gospel Made Simple

The good news of the gospel, at its core, is very simple, and yet profound.

Living On Purpose

God has a plan for your life … don’t miss it.

Boot Camp Basics

Join us for this 6-part series on the Book of James.

Blessed To Be A Blessing

God has given each of us gifts, talents & resources to use for His glory.

We reflect His generous nature by giving to others.

Turn It Around

Don’t miss this fun new mini-series! It’s going to be LIT 😉