Thank you for your partnership in 2020

It is safe to say that 2020 was a year like no other. We realize that it has been one of the most challenging years of our lives. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to first praise God for his faithfulness and second to thank you for your generosity and continued support of the Grace Fellowship mission.

Though our mission is simple—glorify God by making more and better disciples—the conversation of how to measure our effectiveness can be a complicated one. Ultimately, we believe it’s about lives changed by the power of Jesus and for the glory of God. One day, we’ll know every story, and we’ll hear every detail. But for today, let these stories encourage you. Your gifts and contributions to Grace Fellowship are being put to good use. Both here in our own backyard and around the world.

Thank you for giving to God’s work through Grace Fellowship in 2020.
May God continue to bless our church as we sacrifice together for HIS Kingdom.

Special COVID-19 Relief Fund

Thank you from a COVID-19 Relief Fund Recipient

Because of your sacrificial giving during this difficult time, we have been able to bless so many who have been affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I can’t begin to express what your gift means to me and my family.  The money from the Covid-19 relief fund at Grace Fellowship is most definitely helpful and will go towards our January 1st bills and groceries. This pandemic has caused such a burden but just knowing that for the upcoming month, this gift will really make a difference. More importantly than the money gift, I want you to know that I so appreciate the kindness and caring that our Grace family gives to me and so many others.  It’s such a blessing to belong to such an amazing community. Please know that we won’t forget the kindness that we’ve received from you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Marriage Ministry

Thank You From Our Church Family

“My husband and I were recently married during the craze of the pandemic. With the state of the world and staying home all the time, it was easy to isolate and distract ourselves with things other than community and the word of God. We were so excited when Grace announced that they were meeting in-person again, especially for their marriage ministry. We joined and were placed in a group with other newly married couples from different walks of life and amazing seasoned leaders. It was clear to everyone that God had handpicked each couple for our small group. This group brought us out of isolation and reminded us how important community is and how important it will be for our marriage. We learned so much about each other, ourselves, and about what marriage really is. The fellowship and messages changed our lives.

We are so grateful for our leaders, fellow group members, and the marriage ministry at Grace Fellowship.”

GIA Partner: Franklin Community Center

Thank You From Our Community Partners

Franklin Community Center is a non-profit human service agency that has been providing basic necessities and service to less fortunate individuals and families in the Saratoga area for more than 35 years.  Serving more than 6,000 people annually, we provide efficient and effective services to promote healthy lifestyles and positive changes, always holding to our philosophy: “send people out the door with whatever they came in looking for.”  Our mission is to work collaboratively with individuals and other agencies to provide services that will improve the quality of life and foster a sense of neighborhood, community, and family for all people.

Grace Fellowship has made a tremendous impact on our organization and on one individual in particular.  Bob is a tenant at our low-income housing building who was diagnosed with a lung disorder that makes breathing very difficult.  Because of this, he was unable to stay in the upstairs unit he occupied.  We had a downstairs unit become available, but it needed extensive repairs that our organization did not have the funds or man-power to invest in.  The Grace in Action team came to our rescue and not only funded the project but provided all of the labor to renovate the apartment in a short amount of time, allowing Bob a safe place, affordable place to live.

Franklin Community Center counts on our partnerships with the community to continue to provide our services to our most vulnerable community members.  We are so proud and grateful to have Grace Fellowship behind us in our mission to help others.

Missionary partner: Director of Rise India

Thank you from around the world

“Thank you. Some of you have directly participated in sharing the Gospel by going to India on Grace mission trips, and most of you have been praying for the work of spreading the Gospel and the kindness of God. This year especially, our partnership with Grace has enabled us to joyfully spread physical and spiritual food to those who are desperately hungry, both physically and spiritually. We were so thrilled with joy and thankfulness the first time we were able to send relief to the hungry suffers of the Indian lockdown in early May. Seven months later, we are continuing to do distributions because of your support. We have been able to provide over 700 large grocery kits with about 3 weeks of food to families in India. But we are not the only ones thanking you. Our pastors on the ground in India joyfully thank you because you have given them the joy of being able to feed the hungry and to share a message of God’s love. Watch this brief video to see distributions to families of many women at three separate locations. You will see and hear the gratitude and joy they express. As we give thanks to God for you and your gifts, we also remind you of God’s delight in your gifts. Hebrews 13:6 says ‘But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.’ Churches are growing as new believers come to faith. It is truly a piece of Heaven on earth. Imagine how much Heaven is rejoicing and celebrating. Because of your prayers and support, we are able to see the fruit and growth of churches. Thank you.”

-Prakash Lingappa